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There has been a misconception that homes constructed of concrete slabs are impenetrable by termites. This has led to homeowners choosing to pass on the pest inspection on their properties, which is of course, an ill-advised move.

We are already aware that wooden homes are very prone to termite damage, especially those in warm and humid locations. Sadly, this is also possible even if you are living in a home made of concrete. Surprised?

Termites can penetrate concrete slab homes by entering through the slab cracks and brick holes. These pesky critters can also access the wall penetrations for the electrical wiring and plumbing around the house. And just like with wooden homes, their presence in your property will go largely unnoticed until the damage has been done.

Be wary of brick veneers. The brick veneer on the wall sidings can sometimes be misleading. It makes people think that the house is built out of solid brick. When in fact, the brick veneer is just a decorative finishing to the internal wooden frames. Once termites get through the brick veneer, they now have the full access to infest the wooden part of your home.

The wooden frames are also accessible to termites through the patios, foliage, garden and footpaths connected to the concrete slab. Another possible entry point are the weep holes –these are the tiny gaps between bricks that serve as water drainage inside the wall. After passing through all these access points, your internal wooden frames are completely vulnerable to termite infestation.

So if you are planning to purchase a home, don’t even think about skipping the pest inspection. An inspection will help you determine whether termites are already present in the concrete walls of your prospective home.

Our well trained property inspectors will conduct a pre-purchase inspection and provide you with a report that will indicate any termite infestations, activity or possible entry points for termites in the concrete slabs. Our inspectors will also provide recommendations to prevent infestation like moving the weep holes to allow termite detection, or clearing the holes completely. We also provide pest and termite control services.

Have a building and pest inspection performed on a property before you buy it, irrespective of its material structure. Providing inspections around the Gold Coast and Brisbane, contact us and ensure that you have a termite-free property.