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We all know what a nightmare termites can inflict to properties, especially those that are located in high-risk areas around Australia. Termites like wooden homes found in damp and humid places. They thrive and breed in these areas, and it is very difficult to detect their presence at first. Only when your home gets badly infected of termites will you be able to know for sure.

You can always hire a contractor to repair the termite damages, but people don’t have a budget for that all the time. Another option is to leave the termites to feast be you have money for repair and treatment –sounds pretty bad, eh? Termites need to be dealt with right away. If you can’t hire a contractor, then you will probably have to repair termite damage yourself. The question is, can you?

Yes you can, but not all the time. It depends on how severe the termite damage is. Firstly, you should conduct a proper inspection of your property. Begin with the wooden parts of the house that are in the dark and humid areas. If these parts have the following degree of termite damage, then you can sort them out yourself:

Non-invasive Termite Damage

Some termite damages are still minimal but are already visible on the surface. The infestation has not yet reached the inside of the wood. However, there are definitely some termite trails that need you need to address immediately. You can repair them by applying wood hardeners. These are adhesive products that treat woods by filling in holes and cracks that the termites created. Hardeners give the infected wood more protection from termites. Another wood treatment product that you can use is the wood sealer. It kills termites by preventing oxygen from going inside the wood.

Slight to Moderate Termite Damage

At this stage, the termite damage has already entered the wood. You will not only see small termite trails, but some wider and deeper openings on the infected surface. Termite droppings are also visible already. Although, this is still not considered to be a serious termite problem, it needs to be treated and repaired right away. If not, the infestation can spread deeper into the core of the wooden materials. The good news is, this type of termite damage is still treatable without hiring help.

Using a chisel, scrape first the infested top part of the wood surface. Then sand the part smoothly and apply wood hardeners or fillers. To be sure that fillers are perfectly in place, polish the top part one more time.

Additional care should be applied to the treated wooden parts during the wet season. The key is to prevent moisture because it helps termites in reinfecting the repaired parts. Always keep those parts dry by wiping them with dry cloth.

For heavy and invasive termite damage, you will need to get professional termite repair services. At this stage of termite damage, the wood has suffered extensive damage that ordinary wood hardeners and fillers can no longer solve. Before any termite infestation reaches this stage, you need to repair it right away because getting help can be costly. More importantly, it is highly recommended for home buyers to hire a building inspector before even purchasing a home. It will help determine if there are present infestations on the properties or none. For those living in Gold Coast or Brisbane, Quality Building Reports can help you determine if your prospected home is termite-free. We also give advice and recommendations to rectify any pest conditions that your property may have.