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Do you notice cracks and concrete crumbles in your property? How about rust coming out of concrete?  You might think that these are just a result of the usual wear and tear of the building, but there could be more serious reasons behind them.

Concrete spalling, also known as concrete cancer. Much like the dreaded C word in humans, concrete cancer eats away at your walls from the inside. It is the breaking away of concrete surface due to the rusting of the steel reinforcement within a concrete slab. As the metal reinforcement rusts, it expands and thus displacing the concrete surrounding it, resulting in cracking and eventually breaking away of pieces of concrete.

What are the Signs?

  • cracking and crumbling of concrete
  • rust stains leaking out from within the concrete
  • bubbling of concrete surface finishes
  • roof and internal wall leaks

What are the Dangers of Concrete Cancer?

When concrete spalling happens, it poses potential danger both on the inside and the outside of your property. As pieces of concrete break away, they can fall off and damage your interior or create water leaks. Outside, it can also be dangerous as falling pieces of concrete may damage property, or worse, hit people walking underneath. Over time, it can also impair the strength of the building.

What Causes It?

Possible causes of concrete cancer are, but not limited to:

  • Steel reinforcement being near the surface of the concrete thereby easily exposing it to elements
  • The use of incompatible metals which causes reaction over time and therefore, allowing water into the concrete slab
  • The use of poorly treated reinforcing steel when the concrete is poured
  • Environmental factors also play a part: the natural movement of the earth underneath may also expose the metal reinforcements to elements allowing water to seep in
  • Having fractures in the concrete caused by the natural wear and tear of the building

If any of the concrete cancer signs appear in your property, contact a concrete repair expert right away. Let the experts diagnose and develop a structure-specific strategy to treat the problem before it’s too late.