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Termites can wreck a house slowly and undetected. These unwanted house guests live in the dark and moist areas of your home and feed on any wooden material. But no matter how unnoticeable termites can be, you need to be aware of their presence to prevent them from further damaging your property. Here are the obvious signs of termite infestation:

  • Presence of white ant-like insects. Termites look like ants although much lighter in color, but bear in mind that there are no white ants.
  • Sightings of flying termites called “swarmers” or “alates”. These termites leave their nest to find mates in another colony. If you see them flying around your house or find discarded tiny wings anywhere, there is a good chance your property is hosting a termite colony.
  • Weird banging and buzz sound. Termites are very noisy eaters. If any woodwork is infected, you will hear termites feeding on it from the inside. You will also hear soldier termites bang on the walls to signal danger to their colony.
  • Hollow Sounding Wood. Knock or tap on any wooden part of the house. If it sounds hollow or papery, then termites have probably eaten the inside and just left a thin lining of wood.
  • Visible termite droppings. Do you notice any dark powdery substance or small black marks around the woodworks? These are termite droppings called ‘frass’.
  • Hard-to-open doors and windows. Termites produce moisture that causes the door and window frames to warp, making them more tight-fitted.
  • Small Tunnels. Lastly, if broken pieces of wood around your house have tunnels in them, then termites are surely present.

If any of these signs become evident in your household, call 0434 373 589 and have a building and pest inspection done to your property by our team using the latest thermal imaging technology.